Tax Season 2022

  1. No Filing of Tax Returns for 7 in 10 Taxpayers
    More than 1.6 million of 2.3 million taxpayers are eligible for the No-Filing Service (NFS) this year. The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) will also be rolling out initiatives to simplify the tax filing experience. More taxpayers will receive direct tax bills in place of filing notices, skipping the tax filing process altogether.
  2. Simplifying the Tax Filing Process
    • More to Receive Direct Tax Bills
      Taxpayers who are on the NFS do not need to file an Income Tax return, but are required to verify the accuracy of their auto-included income information and check their eligibility for any tax reliefs claimed.
    • 2-Line Statement Extended to Partnerships
      Partnerships will now enjoy simplified tax filing with the 2-line statement i.e. Revenue and Adjusted Profit/Loss for a revenue of up to $200,000 in YA2022.

For details refer to link from IRAS:
Tax Season 2022: No Filing of Tax Returns for 7 in 10 Taxpayers (