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Special UEN (SUN): Choose Your Preferred UEN

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Posted on 12 February, 2018

From 9 February 2018, entity owners have the option to choose, at a fee, a preferred UEN from a list of reserved UENs during entity incorporation/registration or conversion. This preferred UEN is known as Special UEN (SUN).

Tier 1 number – Fee S$3,000
Number with consecutive same number, or any number combination involving the number ‘8’

Tier 2 number – Fee S$1,000
Number with repetitive pattern (excluding the number ‘8’), or ending with triple identical number (such as ‘222’, ‘666’, ‘777’)

For more details refer to the link from ACRA:

To view the available SUNs, please refer to ACRA website. Alternatively you may contact us for the updated available SUNs.


Wage Credit Scheme Payouts for 2018

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Posted on 15 December, 2017

Employers are reminded to make CPF contributions for employees by 15 Jan 2018 to receive Wage Credit Scheme payouts.

Employers of eligible Singaporean employees are reminded to make the full CPF contributions for these employees by 15 January 2018 in order to receive the fifth tranche of Wage Credit Scheme (WCS) payouts in March 2018.

For more details refer to the link from IRAS:


Corporate Tax Filing Season 2017- Filing the right way from the start

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Posted on 23 October, 2017
  • All companies, including those that had not carried out any business activities in the financial year or are in loss position, must efile Corporate Income Tax Returns for Year of Assessment 2017 (YA 2017) by 15 Dec 2017 or 30 Nov 2017 if paper file.

    (Excludes dormant companies that have been granted waiver of Income Tax Return submission)

  • Getting it right from the start by submitting correct forms and avoiding common mistakes.

    All companies must file complete and accurate tax returns.

    There are two types of Corporate Income Tax Returns, Form C and Form C-S.

    • From YA 2017, e-filing of Corporate Income Tax Returns will be made compulsory in phases:
    • YA 2018: Companies with Revenue more than $10million in YA 2017
    • YA 2019: Companies with Revenue more than $1million in YA 2018
    • YA 2019: All companies

Our company has successfully e-filed for all our clients since YA 2016

  • Nearly $97 million recovered through compliance review programmes in FY16.

    IRAS conducts regular compliance programmes with a focus on taxpayers who pose higher risks of non-compliance.

  • Getting Assistance

    Multiple channels of assistance are available, including a dedicated Corporate Tax Filing Season 2017 webpage ( that provides essential information on companies’ tax filing obligation and useful filing tips, and corporate tax filing seminars.

    Our company can help you with your tax computations for the purposes of filing your tax returns. Call us at (O) 6538 7488 for a quotation without obligation.–Filing-the-right-way-from-the-start/


Enhancing Corporate Transparency – More business information released for free public access

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Posted on 13 July, 2017

To further enhance corporate transparency in Singapore, ACRA is releasing more business information for public to access freely.

Public can refer to ACRA’s free Entity Search function in the BizFile+ portal now to find out the entity’s business activity (SSIC), filing history and validity of the registered business address. ACRA plans to release even more information for public to freely access later this year.

It is therefore crucial for company to engage competence accountant and company secretary to ensure all its compliance matters are met in an efficient and timely manner.


Adding value to your business Needs

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Posted on 13 July, 2017

From 2 June 2017 all newly registered/incorporated entities will be given a free copy of their Business Profile upon successful registration/incorporation.

Existing business entities registered with ACRA will also receive a free copy of their Business Profile after successfully renewing their business registration, or filing their Annual Returns or Annual Declarations.


Phasing out of PIC after YA 2018

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Posted on 13 July, 2017

PIC will be phased out after YA 2018. It is important to take note of when the expenditure is considered incurred for the expiry of PIC scheme after YA 2018

  • Examples of when expenditure is considered as incurred and treatment of straddled items for the expiry of PIC scheme after YA 2018
  • Clarification on procedures for submission of Application of Approval of IT and Automation Equipment


Cut-off Date for Submitting Case-by-Case Application Prior to Incurring the IT and Automation Equipment Expenditure for YA 2018

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Posted on 1 June, 2017

As the PIC scheme will expire after YA 2018, companies who need to submit a case-to-case approval prior to incurring the IT & Automation equipment expenditure, have to take note of the cut-off dates for submission.


Reminder for Companies and LLPs to set up Register of Controllers

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Posted on 30 May, 2017

Effective 31 May 2017, all existing companies and LLPs (unless exempted) are required to set up Register of Controllers. Newly incorporated companies and LLPs have up to 30 days from the date of incorporation to meet the requirement. Detailed information such as the latest updated version of ACRA issued guidance, forms of notice and a video on how to set up the register are available on the ACRA website.